Introducing: Lord Unicron

Lord Unicron calls the Portland, OR area home and can be found on FetLife under the screen name _Unicron_. He is a veteran kinkster with 15 years’ experience in swinging, D/s and BDSM relationships. Currently he is the Head and Lord of House Unicron, which consists of himself, two slaves and a submissive trainee, with all of whom he is involved in a 24/7 D/s dynamic.

Unicron has his own unique style of Dominance, which includes elements of primal, Gorean, DD/lg, M/s, D/s and S/m. He evolved this style by watching a real-life M/s dynamic up close and personal, as well as experimentation, exploration and study of the intricacies of human relationships and sexuality. In play, he identifies as a Sadist, Dom and Master, but has been known to engage in Daddy roles and scenes as well. He describes himself as a Risk-Aware Consensual Kink, or RACK, player and feminist.

In his other life, Unicron is an erotic romance author, web content creator and sex educator who answers questions on pertaining to every aspect of human sexuality and relationships. He also builds custom floggers and furniture for his own pleasure and use, as well as for other kinksters. He believes that sex positivity is essential to a healthy self-image and that everyone should have the right to express their sexuality in whatever way suits them, as long as basic rules of consent are observed.

Be sure to check in each Tuesday and Friday for Unicron’s weekly posts. Tuesdays he will be writing about the practical and physical aspects of kink, and for Freaky Friday he’ll be talking about D/s relationships and dynamics. Be sure to check in, and if you have a question for Lord Unicron, you can reach him directly at!


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