What a Wednesday…..

Ever have those feelings that you want to be spanked one minute then the next you want to spank someone else? That is a mixture of what a Switch goes thru daily, even multiple times a day.

Hi I’m Sparrow, I am an honored and chosen submissive to Lord Unicron.  When I met Lord Unicron, I was actually a Domme. Yes, you read that right a female Dominant.  I have been in the BDSM scene for 4 years. 90% of those years I was a submissive. Then one day a friend’s brother asked me to dominate him. Thus began my time as a Domme.   In any relationship there are ground rules to be set and followed from day 1 of the relationship.  Most can be adjusted with consent from both parties. Some are firm and stay that way.  But we will touch on this in another blog at a later date.

As a Dom/me one of the most important things to keep in mind is the care that the submissive/slave needs.  50 Shades of Grey only touched on possibilities and then smashed other truths. My advice; if you haven’t watch or read it… DON’T!  It shows a life that is all rosy and happy. When in truth the lifestyle is hard work! Some days I have questioned “why am I doing this?” And others I am “WOOO HOOO I rock this”

When I met Lord Unicron, we together had a long discussion as to my role in our relationship. I felt that with him it was best to be his submissive if he chose to keep me.  I actually asked him to be my Dom! It shocked both of us as it isn’t what we intended our relationship to be.

Being in a poly relationship is hard work all on its own without mixing in anything sexual. I am lucky to have my sister Skwirly who is Primary. For those that do not know what that means in a poly relationship, it is exactly what it means anywhere else. Skwirly is the alpha female in our family. She was chosen by Lord Unicron first, and has been with him longer.  I am Secondary, again just like in other aspects of life, I met Lord Unicron second.  Then we have Lord Unicron’s Trainee, Kitten. She is a friend that has taken an interest in the lifestyle and because there are many scary weirdos out in this world Lord Unicron took him under his wing to show the ropes.  Hehehe ropes…  Ropes can be very fun….

We are introducing something new… If you have questions, comments, concerns or are curious about something… Email us… If it is for someone specific, please note their name in the subject line.  Our Email is: Covertandcarnal@gmail.com

I will leave your minds to wander for tonight. I promise to be back next Wednesday with more …



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