Switch Wednesday

Hello all from Sparrow

I have been asked several times what my number one rule is for being on either side of the slash…..  COMMUNICATION

It doesn’t matter if you are dom/master/daddy.. etc or a sub/slave/babygirl.. etc.. Communication is what makes the world go around. There is a big danger in not having communication; boundaries could  be crossed, injuries sustained, desires not fulfilled.

Before you begin to play or enter a relationship, a contract should be created after a lengthy discussion.  This contract should be straightforward and to the point of what each party wants to get out of the relationship, and what each party wants or is willing to do to obtain that goal.

BDSM can change a person…. Before I met my Sir, I was a Domme as I told you before. I didn’t have to listen to anyone, what I said was rule.  Communication and rules were to be followed or punishment was to be issued.  When I met my Sir, it was to have him be my submissive, but as you can see that didn’t happen. When we met I couldn’t see him as my submissive, but  i could definitely see myself as his.

Thru communication we have been able to over come minor as well as major road bumps, and bruises.. (Some bruises are pretty and feel great!) If we did not have communication, the wonderful house I am apart of would be a memory…

It has been a rough few days and it is taking its tole on me…  Good night sweet ones, and naughty ones…

Remember if you want to ask questions email us….   covertandcarnal@gmail.com





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