Who Do What????

While 50 Shades of Grey did open some peoples eyes to the fact that there is other possibilities in sex lives and experiences it  didn’t open them  a lot. (Note: I dislike how fake 50 Shades is ). Today at work my co-worker we will call “D” asked me if I was still going to dungeons. I have had some health issues lately and she knows of them. Anyways I told her not recently because my favorite dungeon is currently undergoing some remodel.  Her remark “So your done with that type of lifestyle.” I started laughing and told her “Nope, I still get beat and love it. Just don’t get to as long as we would at a dungeon.” The look of shock on her face never gets old. She is a bible thumper when it suits her. When she can benefit from it. She even asked me today if when my dungeon opens up that I love to go to, will I be willing to take her with me… UHHHHHH NO!!!! why would I be willing to share something that intimate with someone I truly despise and dislike with a purple passion… Seriously dungeon time is my time to decompress. Yes I get to please my Dom, I get to give him a gift of beating me and liking it. I get to share some intimate time with him, and experience something that has become addicting. But at the same time it is time I can be free from daily struggles, issues, and responsibilities.  The weight of vanilla life is left at the door, I don’t have to think, decide or care. (Don’t get me wrong my children are always first and most important. and anytime they call when I am not with them I answer. My Dom and I both insist upon it. Kids first!)  I can be free and fly as directed by my Dom.

Informing and sharing this lifestyle with the vanilla world is a bit funny, yet worrisome. I still worry somewhat about being judged, and things in my vanilla life changed because of it.  Do I give up my desires to please my Dom, to be beat by him, to crave his touch before, during and after a scene? No I don’t. I juggle life and the many lemons life throws my way. I had been in the closet of the scene for 4 years, when I came out of that closet, it was to only a few people. Now I am waving my BDSM flag proudly. My children are the only ones in my life that don’t know what I do, and that will stay that way until they are old enough to truly understand.  Vanilla life and BDSM can mix if you add the parts correctly..

I need to change paths tonight. My Dom has issued an order of an assignment which has a timeline on it.. better get to reading and writing.. Good night all..

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