WTF Wednesday

Hi all Sparrow here.. Sorry I have been MIA for a bit, have been working 6 days a week at work, and most of those days have been 10+  hours…. also got sick and dealing with some of my own demons…

Recently I was asked how I could be in a Poly relationship. For the most part it is very easy, each partner is a piece of a pie,  individually we bring different flavors and flair; together we make a great pie.

We all have our own quirks, needs, issues,  wants, desires. It is up to our dom/Master/Sire to see that they are met to the best of his ability. Sometimes it happens quickly other times… let just say it can take a while..  In my poly life I have 2 amazing sisters, we don’t always talk daily but we can pick up as if we just talked 10 minutes ago and its been a week or 2 since we have talked. Sister interaction is one that is very important in the poly lifestyle… Communication is key… If a sister is having an extremely hard day or a bad issue has arisen… The  others respect her enough to back off their needs,  wants, desires or issues with the dom/master/sire… This is something that has been unspoken in my sister relationships. we didn’t bring it up and say “hey when I’m having a hard time can you chill off of him?” nope its something that has never been discussed its just given.  Respect and communication is key for us.. When one or both is not given it can cause issues…. Issues that end up ruining something that was once great.. and can ultimately destroy it.

To anyone that is interested in poly, a piece of advise would be to have all members/potential members sit down and talk… Secrets, lies, and mistrust can ruin something that is potentially great. What may be good for one, may not be good for all.. When in a poly family/relationship… your not the only one effected by your decisions/choices..

Have any questions? Remember you can email us at


Have a great week everyone hope to see you next week, same time, same kinky place.



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