The Dark Side of SK



My darkside is a twisted maze of pitch black desires and needs. We all have them but we try to hide behind what society calls normal. In the end we feel suffocated and unfulfilled.

Each tunnel leads to an erotic pleasure that might not be everyones cup of tea. But for the few that crave a littleĀ pain with their pleasure, remember one thing, as long as it is safe and consensual then it isn’t wrong. One person’s kink may not be the other person’s kink but it doesn’t make it wrong. It just makes it your preference.

For me fear and domination fuel my desires to experience new things. Causes me to want to push my boundaries. Now I am not talking about doing things you don’t want to do. I’m talking about things you want to do but you may be scared to try. With the right person you can explore these new desires. You might find some things you will love and some you hate. But at least you will be pushing forward in your kink life.

You have to look for that one person that can compliment the darkness in you. It needs to be nurtured and respected. If someone doesn’t respect your hard limits then run and run fast. This is where it can become a dangerous situation. Never play with someone you don’t trust. Better safe than sorry. It can go bad really fast.

We all have a dark side we try to keep hidden from the vanilla world. They just wouldn’t understand. But to be able to share that with the right person and not be judged is very freeing to the soul. Someone that truly knows everything about you. No secrets. You can tell your deepest darkest feelings and wants to. It will open doors you never dreamed of. The person that will hold your hand through all the new and sometimes scary experiences you crave.

A relationship with the right person will complete what you feel you are missing in your BDSM life. This is geared to subs looking for the right Dom. They aren’t always easy to find but a good relationship never is. And you don’t have to have a Dom but most subs crave that dynamic. I know I do.

My fantasies can go very dark. I love to be scared. It is like a drug to me. The feeling I’m in danger really pushes me to the point of total bliss. I can’t really explain it but that fear of being in danger but also knowing I’m safe is my happy place. If you have dark fantasies like mine then make sure you are playing safe. Only play with someone you trust. Never…Never…with someone new that you don’t know yet. This is a basic rule we all should know and if you don’t then you need to educate yourself on the lifestyle. There are lots of fakes and abusers out there. Be careful.

Play Safe SK

SmittinKittinn is a submissive mosochocist that is still learning her place in the BDSM world.