Welcome To The Covert And Carnal Blog!


What’s your pleasure? Do you like it sweet and a little spicy, or wild and wanton? Are you just looking to add a little zing in the bedroom, or put a sting in your 24/7 D/s dynamic? Whatever you’re looking for, Covert And Carnal has it, from quality lubes and discreet toys to quality custom D/s props and furniture built right here in the USA by House of Unicron to your specifications! We’re proud to work with some of the best-known names in adult fun and entertainment, including Cal Exotics, HustlerAdam & Eve, Doc Johnson and many more! Whether you want a covert toy to enhance your own pleasure or something more carnal to tease and please your lover, we have what you need.

At Covert and Carnal, we’re sex-positive. That means we believe that giving and receiving sensual and erotic pleasure is a basic human right. Whatever your particular preference, as long as it’s kept between adults and it’s consensual, what you do is and should be all about you! We are also big believers in education and the notion that sex is natural, good and when it’s done right, just downright fun. As a result, we’re committed to being your source for fun facts, sexy ideas, hint, tips and tricks and real talk about everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. We look at the entire spectrum of human sexuality from vanilla to Rocky Road, hetero to gay, physical and spiritual and every point between, with:

Of course, we know there’s more to sex than just bumping uglies, Tab A in Slot B and so on. The best and hottest sex starts in the mind and heart first, no matter how you express your desires. We’re not limited to talking about how to use a toy, although we certainly do plenty of that! At Covert and Carnal, we like to drill down into all kinds of personal relationships and dynamics to uncover how they function, why they do and don’t work and how to course correct to get the love and satisfaction every human being deserves.

If you came here from our storefront, welcome to our blog. If you came across our blog first, we’d invite you to check out our storefront and check out the exciting, sassy, sexy ways we have to spice up your play, for both Covert and Carnal players!


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